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Brandon is a published author and authority on spirituality and extra-sensory gifts as a licensed spiritual counselor and clairvoyant medium (he sees visions and communicates with divine entities). He founded the queer mystic collective to help emerging lgbtq healers, psychics and mediums develop their abilities. He also founded rebel mystic productions which produces spiritual, altruistic, and revolutionary stories about visionary people specifically people of faith, lgbtq+ folks, and the underserved.  


Brandon was the star of logo tv’s “finding prince charming” and was known as the spiritual suitor who tolerated no b.s. he uses his life experiences to inform his work, such as his recovery from alcoholism, addiction, and an eating disorder; living with ocd; and even long-term homelessness. These perceived weaknesses are his secret weapons in helping those in need. He has story produced for and starred in the myxtv reality makeover show “best night ever.” Additionally, he’s also been seen across viacom networks for the special “addiction in america” and psa “coming out in 60 secs.” 


To add some levity to his life, brandon also performs, having acted in movies, tv shows, viral videos, and on-stage at the comedy store.

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